Monday, October 22, 2018
By Lesley Smith
Christmas Boat Parade

If you live in Florida you know that we do not get the traditional white christmas. No cold, wet snow piling up here in the sunshine state. We do however have miles and miles of white sandy beaches and enough joyful spirit to spread around to all. One of our favorite things about the holiday season is the lights, music, and festivities. We may not have a white Christmas, but we make up for it by lighting up the state through the holiday season all along the waterways and in our communities.. Please join us this year in Edgewater for one of our favorite traditions. The 31st annual Holiday Boat Parade is sure to be a memorable event for all. Located in Edgewater, FL just 30 minutes south of Daytona the boats make there way up the intercoastal waterways to Chicken island. Dazzling in lights and celebrating the joy of the holiday visitors can view the parade at any of the parks along the water. To register to participate in this event visit or call 386-427-4040.